If the moon could give way for the sun to shine, why couldn’t destiny find a way to release me? If the winds could blow leaves to far places, why couldn’t destiny free me? And if love could transform an ugly duckling to a grandiose swan, why couldn’t destiny bring me back?

I have asked these questions ever since I realized that I was gone, perished like the ashes which were burned by the cruel fire. I wonder… if I were a different person could I have been given another chance?


When I existed, I proved that fame and happiness are parallel. When I became famous, something inside of me was longing to be happy. I worked hard to achieve fame. Being famous made my life easier and more comfortable. I yearned for children to look up to me and say,”Hey, you are my idol.”

However, as I stepped higher into the pedestal of fame, my happiness was also fast slipping into oblivion. I have sacrificed my family and friends for the life I had. I was blinded by the wealth fame could give me. When I was younger, I had nothing. Was I wrong to have wanted to escape from the fate bestowed upon me at birth? Living with nothing was as good as death.

All my loved ones disappeared in a blink of an eye. A voice kept saying that they left me because I was selfish and insensitive. I wanted to scream and cry, cut the chains that forced me to fame. I thought fame was a perfect bliss but it made me a prisoner in an island surrounded by angry seas.

Truly, fame and happiness were parallel.

One day, I decided that the only way to have my loved ones back was to relinquish fame. But it seemed to be a hopeless decision. When I started to explain that I desired freedom, a sword slashed my body. I bled; pain screamed inside of me. I have called for my parents and friends to help me out but no one came. Fame deserted me, broken, in a cold pavement with my thoughts of happiness shattered.


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