blue fire


I was born in the depths of the City of Ember, galaxies and a million light years away from the Milky Way. It is the city where darkness is impossible since the Great Flame, our mother, is there to give illumination to all corners of our abode.

Like everyone else, I was conceived by the Great Flame. However, I was somewhat unique and accordingly, special in many ways.

My meiosis was a very challenging one. I was created with a blue flame, the hottest of all flames. This provided me a command of respect and power among my kin. And as these gifts were bestowed upon me, my flame glowed mightier and mightier. They said that I was destined to do great things, things which will bring grandeur to our dominion.

One of the main reasons why we exist is to provide light to Earth. Being sent there for an odyssey is the supreme achievement our kind can ever be proud of. As one with a blue flame, our mother provided me with every wisdom and tool to achieve success in the destiny which has been predetermined for me.

I never complained for the attention which I was imposing to others. In fact, it made me feel good about myself. Tranquility, richness, empathy, beauty, lavishness, idolatry, grace…these became my swords in life. These gave me confidence to conquer every obstacle blocking my path. Furthermore, these put my feet in a pedestal which was sure to put my flames into the spotlight, for my kin to notice the powers I have.

The Great Flame soon came to me and said that when the moon will shine a cerulean halo, then I can go to the surface of the Earth and fulfill my pre-ordained task. Two nights after that conversation, the moon radiated a beautiful shade of blue which seemed to be like the color of the ocean flowing in a fiery manner.

As my feet touched the moist soil of Earth, for the very first time, freedom overwhelmed me. “So, this is what it feels like to roam Earth?” I asked myself questioning the oracle pertaining to me.

“If I was supposed to do great things, then let the Earth see what I can do. Let it taste the power of my sapphire flames!” I roared.

In a wink of an eye, I made volcanoes erupt and let their lavas flow killing rivers and other sources of water. I walked though forests and saw the flames consume the evergreens. I ramped through fertile lands and watched as their succulent nutrients evaporated into thin air. While doing all these, I created a storm of fire which scattered droplets of huge will-o-wisps burning things.

This made me blissful. My azure flames scattered all over the place, incinerating everything in its path, making me feel very powerful. Then the blue fire displayed a mysterious beauty, conjuring a girl dancing in the rain set on fire.

However, as the magnificence of the fire filled my eyes with contentment, I felt the hotness of my very own flame burn my flesh and bones. I was crying for help…for our mother to help me. I wished the agony would end immediately.

A deafening silence broke though the air. Suddenly, a concoction of water, wind, and earth was poured down on me extinguishing the flames that were now literally burning me and the Earth. As I closed my eyes to feel the coolness of the concoction being emptied on me, I realized one thing- I disappointed the Great Flame! I have not fulfilled my destiny.

As the chill liquid caressed my burned skin, I knew that my great blue flame has been obliterated. At the back of my mind, I knew I can walk again; but to prove myself once more, I really need to embark on another journey to find a flame which will enlighten my way and eventually will help me finish the task I was sent for.

– Juman Kevin Tindo


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