The Rain

The heavy pour of rain reminded me that we can never fully wash that feeling when you make someone your everything – your new life, your new love, and your new compass point.

I guess this is the danger of rains – you can lose all sense of proportion. So I made a fool of myself, even though now I am slowly realizing it.

I was so devoted to him. 

He was a year younger than me, and for a while I used that as an excuse for not knowing a lot about him. I thought I could see him so well. But I did not see him at all, really. And he did not even try to see me.


Finally, he told me, well sort of. And the really messed up thing is, when he told me, it was, one of the most caring thing he had ever done for me- at least in a while.

He told me I was great, and that because I was great there were some things I needed to know. And of course I wondered for months afterwards why, if I was great he had to go play on me. I felt so destroyed. More than I should have- but I only realized that now. 

And whenever, a heavy pour of rain come and meet the earth, I will remember all these and so should you.

– Juman Kevin Tindo

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