When Medusa Saw Me

MAKEUP_20170411132336_saveIt is amazing that at one point in your life, you get stuck. You get glued to a spot while the rest is still in motion. The ever-moving feet can get cemented in a pavement of a street corner where people become flashes of memory.

It is frightening to feel your blood being petrified just because of believing in a moment, a thought, an imagination. Too much attachment can be a dangerous thing. You get to spend everyday wishing that the past can catch up with the present. You spend every waking moment feeling guilty of the things you did. You get to spend moments where you question everything.

The feeling of being left behind is very scary. The feeling of being forgotten is very scary. The feeling of being ignored is very scary. And yet one might wonder, how can someone feel all these at the same time?

-Juman Kevin Tindo